2012 Red Rock Triathlon Series

SeriesID 1008
Name 2012 Red Rock Triathlon Series
Desc For the individual competition: There are participation points and podium points. Everyone that starts and finishes a race gets participation points. The points for participation are different for different distances: Participation Points: Sprint participation points = 10 Olympic participation points = 15 1/2 Iron participation points = 20 You then get performance based points for top ten in your age group (standard USAT age groups) Performance points for all races are the same: AG Top 10 Points 1st: 10 points 2nd: 9 points 3rd: 8 points 4th: 7 points 5th: 6 points 6th: 5 points 7th: 4 points 8th: 3 points 9th: 2 points 10th: 1 points Double points are awarded for participation and podiums in the Irongear Sports Rio Salado Triathlon Participation in a relay does NOT count toward point accumulation in the individual competition.
AgeGroups (Years) 5
AthleteCount 2954
PointSchedO 0,0
PointSchedG 0,0
PointSchedA 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
RaceCountFullPoints 100
RaceCountFactoredPoints 0
Factor 100

RaceSeries.Affiliate (Owner of the Series)

OwnerID 1037077
KeyID (AffiliateID) 9
DisplayName The Red Rock Company